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Thank you for visiting the home of Mindfocus for Golf. Whether you are a golfer who feels that learning a skill or two will improve your game, or whether you are looking to master your mental game, then Mindfocus for Golf: The Complete Mental Game Solution, is for you. On this website, I hope that you learn more about how this innovative product can improve your game - and how it has improved countless other amateur golfers. But first, a question...

Would you like to play a round like this every week?

If you would like to play more consistently, play without fear, play confidently, play one shot at a time, and play totally focused during your round, then Mindfocus for Golf is for you!

A lot of golfers ask me whether Mindfocus for Golf is right for them. Well, Mindfocus for Golf trials, and testimonies from satisfied golfers prove that you can benefit from applying the skills found in this product...whether you are a beginner, a mid-handicapper who plays a couple of times a month, or a seasoned club golfer who has been playing for 20 or so years. Whether you are 8, 18, or 78, Mindfocus for Golf is the complete package, that will help you achieve your goals for your game.

".....Short on time...? Watch these mental skills and watch your scores get lower!!"

This might be to overcome your fear of tee shots, or bunkers, to get your handicap down to single figures, or to break 90. You may sinply want to play a more consistent round, fed up with 2 or 3 holes ruining your scorecard. Whatever it is, if it isn't a flaw in your swing technique, you can be sure that an element in your performance is to do with your attitude, belief, thoughts and behaviour. In short, your mental game. And if you feel that your mental game can be improved, then you simply have to take a closer look at what Mindfocus for Golf can do for you...

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"Anyone who wants to improve their club handicap, I strongly advise them to watch, listen and learn from Mindfocus for Golf. I have reduced my handicap from 17.3 to 15.2 in a matter of weeks. I have been amazed how quickly my game has improved. It really works! "

Pauline Rooney. Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club (Handicap currently 14.9!).

".....Become a more successful player by learning how to choose the right mental skill at the right time...."

So, why Mindfocus for Golf? There are a number of very good resources out there that profess to improve your game. What is special about Mindfocus for Golf? If I had to describe the unique reasons why Mindfocus for Golf is different to other products on the market it would be the following:

  • The skills taught in Mindfocus for Golf are tried and tested, and are the toolkit of qualified sport psychologists around the world.
  • For golfers who don't have time on their hands, Mindfocus for Golf offers short, high quality video that show you how to apply a specific mental skill. This means that you can see how a skill should be applied within minutes, and be benefiting from the skill within a matter of hours
  • Learn to apply proven mental skills, without the psycho-babble
  • It is the complete mental solution, designed with amateurs in mind...check out a single skill, or overhaul your whole game... Mindfocus for Golf can support whatever you want to achieve with your game

To give you a flavour of a mental skill videoclip found within Mindfocus for Golf, watch the following...

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"....Improve your concentration and play to your handicap...."

Don't take my word for it!

Golfers of all ages and standards have improved their game dramatically with Mindfocus for Golf. See what my customers have said about Mindfocus for Golf...


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Mindfocus for Golf is an incredibly powerful product, that will deliver long-term improvement to your game. See how Mindfocus for Golf will enhance your game...


Improve your game for the price of an average round of golf...

If you desire to play better golf, to play more consistently, to banish those nerves, to card a round which is in line with your ability, to play 18 great holes rather than just 15, and you don't have significant time to spend learning new skills - preferring to get on the course and apply them - then you should seriously consider Mindfocus for Golf: Complete Mental Game Solution.

  • Free copy of the 140 page "Golfer's Mental Game Plan" ebook
  • One year's free access to the online Mental Skill Library
  • Free 1:1 email sport psychology consultation with Simon Houghton

I also offer a 30-day full money back guarantee, such is my belief that Mindfocus for Golf can change your game. If you want to play to your potential, take up the challenge and see just how good a golfer you can become.

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